I'm 26 going on 56 but also 16.
I would love to say that I spend my nights doing something super cool but usually my husband and I play board games or cuddle with our three cat children. 
I have always loved photography and videography and would spend my summers editing little videos to show my mom - now I do that professionally haha

Hi! I'm Juliana

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This job has given me so much. 
I have been able to travel the world, make so many new friends and capture so much love. 
It means so much to me that you are considering me as your photographer/videographer. 
Every single client of mine means the absolute world to me. 
Booking with us is so much more than just transactional, it is a full experience. 

 I absolutely love my job.

Hey, I'm Ryan!

A massage therapist, truck driver and videographer walk into a bar... 
I am a man of several passions but this one is my favorite. 
I may not think of the Roman Empire daily, but I am ALWAYS thinking about drones and videography.
I am Juliana's husband, father to her cat children and her business partner (although she does most of the work haha)

Everything I am most proud of and most happy for is because I married Juliana. 
To be able to watch you commit your life to your partner and carefully preserve that memory is such an honor. 

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Chick-fil-a & Harbor freight

My First job:

tuscany, italy

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Go-to Coffee order:

the office

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